Friday, May 12, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

A visit to Trader Joe's mid-week and for remembering most of what was on my list that I left at home. I love Trader Joe's. I stocked up on some of our old favorites, and tried a few new things too. 

The mama bird is less skittish this week. She doesn't fly away any more when we walk by the front door or when Tigger sits staring at her caterwauling. And there are still seven.

When he's not keeping an eye on our birdies or supervising the neighbor's lawn crews, Tigger is on squirrel watch.

A basket of happy geraniums from my brother and sister-in-law.

A bouquet of roses that opened up over the course of the week and made me so happy every time I caught sight or smell of them.

Chilled rose' and creamy brie for happy hour tonight during which I'm writing my Mother's Day letter.

Lily's softball team is undefeated. I know winning isn't everything, but this is Lil's first experience on a winning team and it's a little more fun walking away victorious after a good, competitive game.

She ran the mile this week in 7:25. She was a wreck all week and especially the morning of her run for no good reason. I didn't get it because while she doesn't love running, she's swift and sporty and always at the top of the pack.

Teddy fixed his drive this week (written with only a hint of sarcasm), took 7th out of 60 in today's invitational and he played another 18 holes after the tournament just for fun. He won $5 and he lost $5. All good.

That I am their mom. Blessed, lucky, happy.

Church Sunday with my family and then a visit with my mother in law who is one of the best moms I know.

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