Friday, May 26, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Mike and Lily walked away from a car accident yesterday that very well may have totaled our car.

The other driver, who caused the accident, was also unhurt.

22 sculptures are being installed along Wisconsin Avenue. Yesterday I paused to watch the installation of the Calatrava on my way to the bank. It was quite something as is the buzz about the city regarding the abundance of public art.

This stands outside my building. It's called Mood.

Lily's Spring Sing. I was alone there and feeling a little blue about it. I was fixated on the fact that if my mom were here, she'd be there. That piteous feeling was none abated by the enthusiastic grandparents seated next to me, but then the first song the 7th graders sang, unbeknownst to me. was IZ's Somewhere Over the Rainbow and it felt like a hug. That's Cousin Carol's song and she's another one of our angels.

Ted's golf team advanced to regionals. Yesterday he had a PR on the host course. I'll be there Tuesday to walk the course with my dad and cheer him on.

A mid-week mid-day movie date with these two and a bowl of popcorn just because I could and also because the countdown is on to summer vacation when I will have little to no time to indulge my whims and fancies.

This marinade. Especially tasty on chicken bound for the grill.

A big pot of beef stew for the busy week. The weather cooperated and it was welcome comfort at the end of a stretch of cool, rainy days.

It was a foggy Friday.

It's going to be a decent holiday weekend and we have plans with family and friends in between baseball/softball and golf.

This book. I'm ready for a jump start. I'm officially throwing in the towel halfway through The Zookeeper's Wife because it is making me detest reading.

This video. So funny.

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