Wednesday, May 17, 2017


mother's day weekend is usually equal parts bitter and sweet for me.
this weekend was hard, but good and filled with many more happy moments than sad.
it was a weekend full of family.
it was a weekend spent being celebrated as well as celebrating all the mothers still here in my life.
honoring my mom and all the other mothers with her in heaven too.
i didn't get a special sign from my mom this year, but then i wasn't really waiting around for one.
i was busy in the moment living my life in the present...being prescient.
that's a good place to be.

we made a plan to get a late dinner at one of our family faves on friday night.
late because lily had an evening softball practice and ted went to golf after his all-day golf invitational.
it's true he doesn't feel accomplished unless he plays 36 holes a day.
then later because when they got home, some of ted's friends stopped by and a pick-up baseball game took place in the yard.
i love the easy cadence of friday night in almost summer.

they had bar food, but no beer.

the other side of the table.

saturday mike, lily and i were up early for the estate sale at my grandma's house.
i was nervous i would feel too many feels especially with this event occurring on md weekend.
chills were the first thing i felt when my aunt told me she came in and found a book splayed on the floor in the middle of her old bedroom.
a book she hadn't seen in the four years she readied for this sale.
and not just any book, but my grandma's favorite.

we didn't sell it after that sign.

i could write a novel about that day, and maybe one day i will.
the characters that frequent estate sales would make such entertaining reading.
at the end of the day, it felt good to be in my grandma's house, surrounded by her things telling stories to strangers.
every time i'm there something else catches my eye.
that day it was a set of glasses that i had to have for wine.

goddess glasses for the nectar of the gods.

after things wrapped up, my aunt and i went out for a little celebration.
this has been her life for four years.
we laughed, we cried, we sighed.
we vented, we schemed, we dreamed.
we also had the best nachos i've ever eaten.
the secret: chunky beef, something i would never not ever order.

we started mother's day in church. 
i purposely didn't wear mascara.
i only cried a little.
something about whether or not we are mothers, we all have them just gets me every year.
still i left feeling lighter.
largely in part to father calling all mothers of all kinds (step, god, spiritual, surrogate) to the altar for a blessing.
i was verklempt at the size of the procession, the touching words and the standing ovation of the parish.

so many mothers.

ave maria.

after mass we lit candles.
lots of candles.
then the kids had their last sunday school until fall.
mike and i went to brady street and did our weekly shopping at gloriosos.
that's a treat.

we also got cookies from sciortinos and a couple of bottles of italian rose for the day's celebration.

my babes. my hearts.

we spent the beautiful afternoon at my in-laws.
the boys grilled while the girls drank that rose.
my bil got out his guitar and played you are my sunshine for his mama.
she sang.

 mother and son.

 mother and sons (only 1 looking at the camera).

 mother, father and sons.

brothers and sil.

we made it home with just enough sunlight for teddy to get in a few holes.
he was like a caged animal all day dying to get on the course.
when night fell and he returned, they gave me their cards and gifts.
lucky and blessed i am.

 these i keep forever and ever.

midori miki (green tree).  my new 14 year old bonsai tree is such a zen gift along with a massage and a pedicure.

then it was time for bed.

sweet dreams.

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