Wednesday, November 9, 2016


the weekend started with a walk around the park.
it was another unseasonably warm day so it made sense to spend time outside.
as we rounded the parkway, we saw ted and his buddies on the 18th hole.
he has golfed as much this fall as he did all summer long.
life is good.

 the sun was shining...

 and the trees are still showy.

 once the sun descended... 

the air turned brisk.

 the moon made an appearance.

ted spent the rest of the night with friends.
lily went to her school's activity night.
mike and i put together a lasagna for a saturday celebration.
i stopped at gloriosos after work and stocked up on all the essentials: fresh pasta and basil, the right sausage, san marzano tomatoes and copious amounts of cheese.
comfort food is good.

 i thought of carol while i filled my cart.

 $100 worth of worthy ingredients.

say 'cheese.'

 an 8 pounder.

the boys played with their new favorite toy and then they passed out in their new favorite chair.
the life of a cat is very good.

 the nano bug provides much entertainment...

 as it runs around the kitchen.

tuckered out.

it was a typical fall saturday spent tidying the house and yard and watching and playing football.
then my in-laws joined us for a happy birthday celebration in honor of my mother-in-law's birthday.
it was nice to spend quality time together on another sublime evening.
family time is good.

 lily had as much fun shopping for grandma's present as grandma had opening it.

the canoli cake is a family favorite so long as i don't tell the kids that the frosting is ricotta and marscapone with a dash of vanilla and a couple cups of powdered sugar.

sunday we were up early for church and there in time to light candles for carol before mass.
ted didn't have sunday school so he joined me and mike for breakfast.
midday the boys were back at yard work and football, while lily and i hit the gap.
she certainly knows what she likes, and i like that.
we were in and out.
home before we knew it for another beautiful and free afternoon.
sundays are good.

 this is their favorite pastime.

 peanut and tigger are confused that it smells like spring.

until it smells like  potato latkes, which were served alongside the grilled chops for sunday dinner.

this weekend reminded me that it really is the little things that matter big,
the ordinary is often extraordinary and 
family matters most.

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