Sunday, November 20, 2016

On Things Found

 First melted in an hour.

I don't normally turn my computer first thing on Sunday morning, but just before bed something shiny caught my eye. As I was coming out of my bathroom, the missing earring was in the walkway of my dressing room the length and width of which I had searched previously on my hands and knees twice. I smiled and said thanks. Thanks most for having hope. I knew I would find this earring, and that is so not me. Or is it?


Friday I found Ghosts on a random thumb drive tossed in a drawer. I really cannot explain that, and yet it makes perfect sense.

Yesterday I found a healthy dose of Christmas spirit. I think it helped that I woke to flurries. I think it's finally time to put away the flip flops. My switch was flipped and just like that I wanted to shop and bake and decorate while listening to my favorite Christmas crooners. It's just what I did too while the kids were out day and night with friends.


I haven't found my mom's diamonds yet, but I trust I will.

First batch of pumpkin donut muffins...they may last 24 hours.

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