Saturday, November 5, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Friday nights. I love when the whole wide weekend is before me no matter what's in cue. Tonight Mike and I took a long walk on a perfect night and then came home and put together a lasagna for a birthday dinner tomorrow. Teddy was golfing with friends and Lily was at a school activity night so we listened to music while we chopped and sauteed and assembled.

Gloriosos. I stopped at the Italian market and bought copious amounts of pasta and sausage and cheese, and, of course, I thought of Carol. Whenever she was in town, she had to make at least one pit stop at Gloriosos so she could stock up. If not for Carol, I wouldn't even know or appreciate the goodness of this Italian market.

The weather. We've had Indian summer all autumn. Except for on Wednesdays when it's been cool and rainy. Wednesdays are my day off and I am a sucker for gloomy, grey days. It's all good.

I'm not much of a shopper these days, but I sort of fell in love with this store on Pearl Street called Peppercorn, and now I want to open one in my next life. It was a cook's/foodies'/entertainer's dream.

These snarky spice blends even though they did cause some problems for me in airport security. They do resemble a certain herb legal in Colorado. We used the Aw Shit on a batch of chicken fajitas and it was money. 

This doe who chose to visit us just as we all convened on the patio of the church after Carol's ceremony. Immediately, I thought it was her spirit animal and that seemed to be the common conclusion. It was comforting and also uplifting.

Traveling with my family. We had a couple snafus, but the take away is quality time together with people I'm lucky to have in my life. I had a gazillion aha moments. I think that's called maturity. It happens when I'm looking for understanding rather than blame. That folks...unwillingness or inability to own our at the root of almost every dysfunction.

Thick skin. Or more like thickening skin.

 A new to Casa Wags chair even if it's claimed by the cats. What's mine is their's.

These Mary Oliver words..."Attention is the beginning of devotion." They remind me to continue to seek the extraordinary ordinary.

Coming home. And that I have the home and the family to come back to that I do. There is something existential about sitting in the airplane in the dark of morning or end of day. I find myself taking stock. It's good and healthy to do that now and then.

This is Us. Tell me you are watching and loving this show...please. The characters are human and flawed, and the story...stories are just the right amount of push and pull. It's brilliant.

The election will soon be decided. This is not a political blog, but I'm scared. Never in my lifetime have I felt so cynical about the leadership of this country on each and every level and flavor. My 15 year old son is taking an election class and my 12 year old daughter watches the news during breakfast every day, and I cannot believe the conversations we're having. They have more insight and wisdom than the men and women running our country. And the media...I'm ashamed. I feel like they all need a Courage retreat.

My vote.

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