Tuesday, July 26, 2016

two day pass

this weekend was the hottest of the year.
lily had a softball tournament.
4 games in 3 days.
the girls conquered the heat and the humidity.
they were unable to defeat their opponents.
 they ended the season without a win.
and yet it was a mostly positive experience of teamwork and friendship.
they improved every game and they never hung their heads or gave up.
i was pleasantly surprised when t. bone decided to come to the first saturday game without invitation or insistence.
of course, he spent most of the game playing catch with a family friend.
yet he came, he saw (probably more than i did despite the fact that i was mostly watching intently while talking incessantly with my oldest frister), he cheered.
then ted disappeared until sunday evening swimming, pokemaning and biking around with friends.
he leaves a trail behind him: his bike at one friend's, swim trunks at another's, golf clubs one place and a tooth brush at numerous.
mike had a blast participating in the high school foundation's golf outing on saturday. 
that'll be a new summer tradition.
then sunday after 2 steamy games, he napped, i read the girls and lily hung out with her friend in the air conditioned house.
the girls stayed home and made themselves dinner which is something i think is something.
the rest of us attended the baseball banquet.
we thought we'd just make an appearance and then it was 2 1/2 hours later.
the focus was primarily on varsity so many players weren't called out.
coach called teddy up for the 7 or so games he played on varsity this season,
and he encouraged him to work hard in the off season so he can earn his starting spot next year.
i think he's motivated because he had me wake him up early monday morning to go workout.
he ended up going back to bed, but it's a start.
mike and i ended the weekend with a movie...13 hours.
i was on the edge of my seat for the duration even though i knew the outcome.
the forecast for the week ahead is hot and full.
it's summer folks.

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