Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer is a State of Mind

I woke up this morning on the couch after a sporadic and restless night of sleep. I had four girls sleeping, or more like giggling, the night and early morning away in a tent in the back yard so I was snoozing with one ear and one eye open. At 3 o'clock they were so loud I would have sworn they  migrated to the family room with me. I sent them a friendly text asking them to please quiet down, and they did. Such are the marvels of modern technology: I didn't have to get up off the couch to scold them. As I waited to drift back off, I could hear only their muffled laughter and comfortable chatter and it made me smile. It brought back so many memories of all night truth or dare contests and countless seances. Light as a feather stiff as a board...echoed in my dream sleep. The girls lasted the entire night in the tent only to emerge in the morning when the sun quickly turned the cozy Coleman into a sweat lodge. Peanut spent the early morning keeping watch on the tent sharing my disbelief that they were still in there. Eventually, they emerged looking wilted and weary. I found our entire stash of candy (now mostly wrappers, the rest quickly melting) in the tent along with their sleeping bags, and the source of their unwavering energy and subsequent crash became apparent. Again, I simply smiled: it's summer so lack of sleep and gorging on junk food is no big deal. They had all day to suffer through sleep and sugar withdrawal with little else to worry about.

The girls gathered around the island as I made the second breakfast of the day: pancakes to order. I'd already served Teddy a stack this morning before his golf tournament. As we were well on our way to the course, he realized he forgot his golf shoes. This is the kind of oversight that would normally rattle me, but not in the middle of summer. I turned around without even a slight surge in my blood pressure and returned home. Lack of warm-up time before his tee time: it's a first world problem.

The rest of the day was mostly lazy. We were all tired and hot, but not cranky. Ted wasn't even pissy at his disappointing 90 for 18 today. Tomorrow's a new day and he'll play a new course. Lil and I ate ice cream for lunch and then took naps. We just finished Father of the Bride and it was better than the DNC. I got a stash of movies for the sleepover, but the girls no longer need moms to plan their entertainment. That is both happy and sad. Thankfully, she still enjoys watching movies together. Ted and I even hung out watching trash t.v. in bed in the heat of the day, and I didn't feel the least bit guilty for any of it. Summer is about taking it easy, spontaneity and ice cream. Life's all about moderation and mindfulness. 

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