Saturday, July 9, 2016

June Inventory

Reading I've been a rather uninspired reader. Since I last checked in here, I've gotten through The Nest, which was a mindless read so good for the beach although I happen to believe there are more worthy light reads to chose from. Then I finished Mothering Sunday: A Romance. I felt cheated of the 2 hours it took from my night so skip it. Eleven Hours was another quick but more compelling read, yet I was missing that twelfth hour when I finished the last page. I listened to The Heights while walking, and it was a solid choice both in story and narration for motivating me. Now I'm into The Passenger, which is in the company of Gone Girl. I'm still picking up It Starts With Food too because it's the Whole30 manifesto.

Wondering why in summer the days and nights seem to pass at warp speed. It's almost the middle of July and there is still so much we have yet to do.

Watching nothing worth mentioning. Mike and I are trying to get through season 2 of OITNB, but I fall asleep after 20 minutes every time.

Listening to the Sting station on Pandora. It's a good one.

Eating Whole30 again after a break for the holiday. On day 27 I decided to break it with a bite of chocolate cake because Lily baked it at camp and was super proud. For two weeks she brought home fresh baked goodies day after day and we couldn't attest to their deliciousness. Lily and chocolate cake are my weaknesses so I enjoyed a bite. One single bite. Then over the weekend there was a little more sugar, a piece of cheese, a couple bites of pasta salad, a few chips, some nitrites, and I felt horrible. horrible as in guilty and sluggish, bloated. So I'm back at it with renewed dedication.

Wishing I had my own personal chef and garden.

Wanting peace and people to stop hiding behind their rhetoric. I'm sick and tired of the way attestations that Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter immediately shut down the conversation. All lives matter. Amen. 

Thinking about never again times and just how it is even possible to be nostalgic for yesterday.

Enjoying family bike rides, iced coffees, watermelon water, summer breezes, plentiful fresh produce and a weekend with few obligations.

Loving this picture...these people.


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