Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Girlfriends. Hers, mine, ours. They're partners in crime, sidekicks and lifelines.

Tent sleepovers in the middle of the week.

Impromptu dinners at the end of the day that just seem to come together.

Old fashioned sundae bars for dessert. Think hot fudge and warm caramel, crushed Virginia peanuts, whipped cream, cherries and sprinkles.

Watermelon water...refreshing and hydrating.

A week of hard, hot and sweaty workouts that feel energizing and essential.

A long walk to sweat out the toxins and clear my head.

Colanders of sweet cherries.

That time last weekend when Teddy made us pancake breakfasts without us asking.

A father/daughter week at the cabin coming up to swim in water falls, river raft, hike and fish.

Hearing James Bay on GMA this morning even though it made me late for work.

The inspiration I'm getting from Picnic in Provence. I came home from work yesterday and picked it up. Fifty pages later I was jazzed to take leftover pork tenderloin and a forgotten bunch of asparagus to a higher level. I made a sweet and spicy apricot salsa and a balsamic glaze to elevate the meal. The meal was 95% Whole30 compliant save for the skosh of sugar in the reduction and 100% delicious. I even caught Mike licking his plate at one point.

I'm back on the Whole30 track, but I'm allowing myself a little more wiggle room.

Last night. It went like this: read a few chapters, walk 3 miles with Mike and Lily, throw Teddy a few grounders, make dinner, watch the last night of the DNC, stay up too late listening to the pundits, and read a couple more chapters to escape from the crazy world of politics back to the serenity that is rural France.

Teddy and Grandpa had a great guy date yesterday. They golfed 18, went out for pizza and then went to the putting green. Ted shot a 77 so golf is now his favorite sport ever again for today.

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