Tuesday, March 22, 2016

two day pass

we spent time at home this weekend nesting and enjoying being together.

i finished one book friday morning before work,
and started another friday after work.

i watched the final 2 episodes of season 2 of the affair.
one before lily and i went to a friend's for a mother/daughter dinner friday night,
and, sadly, the last when we got home.
mike and ted both went out with friends to watch the badgers win.
march madness has arrived and the badgers are alive.
i offered to bring a salad to dinner.
it's slim pickings come friday though.
i was inspired by skinnytaste's house salad made with love.
the combination of everyday salad staples in a new way made it feel company worthy.
it was imo.

saturday was a good day for spring sprucing and cleaning.
teddy even got up early (just before noon) thanks to the vacuum.
we set up our new mattress and washed loads of bedding.
i was inspired to make a nice dinner by the skinnytaste cookbook again.
and also to put more leftovers to use.

mike, lily and i all gave the reuben stuffed pork loin the thumbs up.
teddy was out eating wings and pizza with friends.
his loss.
can i tell you how cathartic it is to pound a piece of meat?

then the three (or more like five) of us snuggled in for a movie.

we watched everest and were thankful for our warm house.
warm blankets and cozy cats too.
just for the record, i have no shame that i want my kids to fear that mountain.
sunday started early with palm sunday mass.
the music was moving as was the passion.
mike and i had a chill coffee date while the kids had class.
we came home to find the cats doing what spoiled brats cats do.

i made french toast with the loaf of challah i scored for brunch.
then mike and i went for a long walk on the first day of spring.
the sky was a fierce shade of blue and the clouds looked like they were painted they were just so perfectly poofed and placed. 

ted (he who no longer smiles for pictures) did homework and lily (always a smile) and i dyed easter eggs.

we had fun with pipe cleaners and chalkboard paint.
dinner was served while it was still light out and before the badger game.
i made the salad (simple, but delicious), and the pesto pasta.
mike grilled the balsamic glazed chicken.
i swear there is nothing better than grilled chicken at this time of year.
on my life.

the badger last second victory was quite an ending to an all around great weekend.

the boys had other entertainment i'm afraid.

i've not been much of a blogger lately.
i cannot put my finger on it.
i don't think it's lack of inspiration as i'm busy with lots of good things.
things that make me happy...bring me joy...give me satisfaction.
i'm in a good place.