Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Inventory

Reading I recently finished Everything I Never Told You and while it was a quick read, it wasn't all too compelling.  The beginning grabbed me, but soon it became predictable and contrived.  The characters were rather one dimensional and stereotypical, and their lack of communication was mind-numbing.  I think this may present better as YA than thriller. The other night I read Safekeeping - Some True Stories About a Life from cover to cover.  Thomas's beautifully crafted vignettes contain so much raw honesty that it was an honor to read them.  I laughed out loud, shed tears and found myself shaking my head in quiet affirmation many times throughout.  I've started All Joy No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood because I'm always trying to be a better parent and as they age, the playing field feels drastically different.  Lily and I are slowly making our way through Diana Nyad's Find a Way, and I hope to get through The Ramblers this weekend.  I'm not so much in the mood for it, but it's a 7 day book and due mid-week.  Next up are Yes Please and Being Mortal.  One should offer lightness and the other levity.

Wondering if we'll go ahead and plant a garden.  It's a bit of an investment of time, space and cash, and I seriously lack a green thumb.  We also have a yard filled with critters.  The one year I did patio tomatoes, a red fox decimated our harvest.  Still I swoon over fresh veggies and herbs, and Lily dreams of growing things.

Watching season 5 of Homeland finally.  Lily and I are into Survivor this season and eagerly awaiting Dancing With the Stars too.

Listening to the birds.  First thing every morning and last thing every night, I hear the haunting coo of the mourning doves in the yard.  They're aptly named because their song is one of sorrow, but also sweet peace.

Eating lots of asparagus now that the kids have both admitted to liking it.  The best way is to quickly blanch it and then to add it to some garlic sauteed in EVOO.  Top it with s&p and a squeeze of fresh lemon.  I think we're ready for grilling season and summer fruits.  The pineapple I cut into the other day was as hard as a rock.  Blueberries have been sour, strawberries tasteless and apples mushy. 

Drinking a gallon of water a day.  It takes work and commitment to drink 128 ounces of water in 24 hours.  A new economy red I found at Trader Joe's that I like very much.

Wanting to start meditating again and thinking of  using Mark Nepo's Awakening as a spring board for guided meditation.

Hoping I've learned a thing or two about how crippling fear can be and how there are times...many times...I am my own worst enemy.

Thinking about Abbigail Thomas's Weather and the haunting way the little things matter big:

This is my favorite weather, rain and wind whistling between buildings.  I don't feel I should be somewhere else.  I don't feel guilty for staying where I like best to be.  I'm happy to be home, dropping the chicken into cold water with celery and carrots, preparing my dumplings.  I should be finding bowls and spoons and setting the table.  This is the weather for golden soup.

This is what you won't be here for.  Your daughter's life.  The new Japanese movie at the Film Forum.  All the April birthday parties.  Grandchildren growing up.  Tonight's rain. Tomorrow morning.  A cup of tea.

Enjoying and Loving 

1. 70 degree days and open windows.

2. Sun snoozes.
3. Stormy skies and thunder and lightning.
4. Making beautiful things including artwork and memories.
5. Sunday mass in a pew beside my family in front of God.
6. Sunny daffodils.
7. Crisp salads.
8. These Trader Joe chocolate croissants that come frozen and bake up beautifully.  I think they taste good too, but I gave up sweets for Lent so I can't say for sure...yet.
9. Tulips.