Wednesday, March 2, 2016

two day pass

the week was a whirlwind.
the weekend was without much time for lingering either.
and i 'm an idler. 
i like my quiet corners and stolen moments.
they were scarce this weekend, but joy moments abounded.
i left work a little early on friday to stop at the italian market and bakery.
i was inspired to make dinner for my brother and sil who were coming over for a birthday happy hour.
a little chicken, fresh angel hair, good cheese, and garlic and herbs go quite a long way.
a petite red velvet cake, hazelnut gelato and a couple robust reds and we were set.
the starter was a chacueterie and cheese board the star of which was the triple cream i knew the birthday girl would appreciate.
i pounded out the chicken breasts, dredged them in seasoned flour, pan fried them in evoo and dressed them with a squeeze of bright lemon.
mike put together the pasta aglio olio, which is a side that never disappoints.
i blanched the asparagus,  baked the garlic bread and set the dining room table.
the new kitchen is conducive for cooking while visiting and so it was a family affair before during and after.
i was up early on the springy saturday morning rarin' to go.
i gave lily the choice of movies or the art museum.
she wisely chose the museum.
we enjoyed the renovated galleries, painting our own canvases and hitting the calatrava cafe for some lunch.
we shared a caesar salad, a margherita flat bread and easy conversation.
it was a good day with my best girl.
that night mike and i had our monthly bowling outing and i really didn't want to go.
it went quick so we stole away just the two of us at a nearby cantina for a little bit.
we cued up old family videos when we got home.
lily joined us and was smitten with her wee self.
i smiled through my tears reliving how fast they grow up.
it's cruel.
sunday i was up with enough time to finish a book i've been struggling through and get in a workout before brunch.
we gathered to celebrate my step mom's 65th.
she was surprised and delighted.
so and in was a weekend book ended between birthday cakes and long on goodness.