Wednesday, February 24, 2016

two day pass

the weekend was a busy one..exciting too.
at times, a little too exciting for my liking (see next post: dear scumbag neighbor).
friday lily and i very much enjoyed beauty and the beast at a local high school.
it was well-cast, witty and sweet.
oh, and 3 hours long.
yes, 180 minutes long.
the boys went to shop for electronics and eat wings.
it was a gender stereotypical evening for family wags.

saturday the air was sweet like spring.
we devoted much of the the day to chores and projects.
lily spent lots of time with her dogs and ted spent lots of time with his pillow.
when he woke, he left to hang with friends.
she left to have a sleepover at her aunt and uncle's.
mike and i enjoyed a night with friends.
charcuterie, blistered edamame and libations at casa wags before a turn at an area escape room.
we cracked the code with a single second to spare.
then we headed to a local cantina for tacos all ways.
more cocktails and ceaseless, comfortable chatter too.

sunday started with church.
well, actually with a 4:00 a.m. phone call from the county mental health complex letting us know that scumbag neighbor was getting out of detention and coming to our house.
good thing he doesn't know where we live.
unsettling is that we don't even know who he is.
mike and i had our weekly date at a bagel place this morning.
we met family soon after at the aquatic center for a swim meet about which lily was downright broody.
she wasn't pleased to be slated for the back stroke or the fly, her two least favorite strokes.
yet she took first and second, and also earned much confidence.
frostys followed by naps followed by dinner rounded out the day.
i rubbed the beef roast with a homemade spice concoction and was so excited to taste it.
i put it in the oven and set the timer, but i failed to turn on the temperature.
an hour and a half later it was still raw.
we laughed, but i sorta wanted to cry.
leftover pasta is so not sunday dinner.
but it was.
and the bonus was that monday's dinner was mostly prepped.
the last week of february is slated to be full.
that means that before i know it, i'll be back here recounting another weekend.