Friday, February 19, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Mike's health.  His biopsy came back normal.

A date tonight to see Beauty and the Beast with Lily.  We last saw it at Disney when she was only five so she doesn't remember much.  I love when something old feels new.

The boys will have their own outing TBD.

A date with old friends on Saturday.  We have plans for an escape room and then Mexican food.

Keeping calm, cool and collected.  After work yesterday all I wanted was to get home, but my car wouldn't start.  I left the lights on and my battery was dead.  First I called my sil to see if she would pick Lily up from school.  She was happy to and even took  her for an after school treat at Starbucks.  We're lucky.  Then I called AAA and Dante came in record time.  It took him 30 seconds to get me back on the road.  There have been times in the not so distant past when I have flown off the handle in situations less inconvenient than this, but for some reason I took a couple deep breaths and did what I needed to do.  Then I came home collapsed on the couch, watched The Bachelor with Ted and ordered pizza for dinner.

These Anne Lamott words: Perfection is shallow, unreal, and fatally uninteresting.

I slept like a log last night for 8 solid hours and I feel like a million bucks today.

Lily's been dog sitting for Maddie and Louis while our neighbor is away.  I've taken on the early shift because school mornings are already dicey, but other than that she's been front and centering.  The dogs seem happy even though I'm sure they're a little lonely.

A bald eagle flew around and then through our yard the other day.  It was so majestic and beautiful.

I didn't sign Ted up for Snowstar this weekend.  It's 50 degrees today and all the snow is quickly melting.

Rotten bananas for banana bread muffins.  They lasted for about 24 hours.

A new router, and JJ for being a helpful technician.

Making store bought hummus taste like homemade.

Chicken Scampi this week.  It's a Casa Wags favorite.

Lily and I started Diana Nyad's Find a Way this week.  We haven't done a read aloud in awhile, and I miss that special time.

I finished The Winter Girl, but I almost didn't...couldn't.  It ended up being a sordid, disturbing story.  I have two books waiting for me at the library.  I'm going back to literary fiction with H is for Hawk and Everything I Never Told You, and I'm going back to reading reviews before I start a book.

Ted's proving to be quite a poet.  He recited a poem he wrote about a homeless veteran for all of us the other night, and we were impressed.  Touched too.

My family.