Friday, February 5, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Feeling compelled to approach this day with gratitude.  I've been in a down yo for a stretch.  This rut is characterized by apathy and world weariness.  I know the malaise is lifting when I start feeling grateful without prompt or prod.  Things are looking up.

My subtle change in mood may also be in part due to how I started my day.  I read the first essay in Gratitude. Mercury was beautifully written by Oliver Sacks at the end of his life when he was still very much celebrating living. I read his inspiring words aloud so that I could take my time and feel them, and I think I also embraced them.

A working kitchen.  Our stools even arrived this week and we all love them especially Peanut and Tigger. I've been taking my time unpacking.  The essentials have been unearthed and put away, but the periphery objects are still in boxes in the basement.  This is deliberate.  I'm being conscious about what we truly need and love, and than donating or tossing things that serve no functional or joyful purpose.  It's a draining task, but the results are liberating, and every time I see my kitchen, I smile.  And I didn't even finish Marie Kondo's books yet.

Jess for offering to help pick up the stools. It would have taken Mike two trips with our van.  They both loaded up and did it in one.  Then she stayed for our first "official" dinner: meatball subs served with a killer salad.

Last night Lily took first place in all three of her events.  It must have been that new swim suit.  She was proudest of herself.

My cousin is home after two stays in the hospital.  She still needs prayers and good juju, but she is feeling and sounding better.

Dave's Killer Bread especially toasted and served with avocado and sliced tomato.

Ted sailed through his first high school exam week.

Staying warm.

Feeling hopeful.