Wednesday, February 10, 2016

two day pass

i love friday nights.
we seldom make plans other than pizza.
we come home and decompress in any number of ways.
this week mike and i headed out for a walk.
it was seasonably chilly, but the same air sunday morning strongly hinted at spring.
teddy skipped saturday's ski trip and slept in.
i was still up early and unprovoked.
i enjoy being able to ease into the day with books and a warm beverage.
it's the calm before the saturday storm of chores and errands and projects.
truthfully, no matter when i wake on saturday, the day always expires before i can fit it all in.
lily enjoyed an early afternoon skate with her cousin downtown.
mike and i planned an impromptu spicy superbowl fiesta.
we met in the kitchen an hour before mass, and i knew we'd have to give up on hopes to attend saturday instead of sunday.
instead of being annoyed or inconvenienced, we were flexible and accommodating.
it was its own revelation.
he made a fan favorite chicken fajita soup for game day.
i made salsa and poppers and choriqueso.
then we cleaned up the kitchen and went out for a family dinner as planned.
the jackson blue ribbon never disappoints.
the food was good and the night was fun.
the games were all occupied, which turned out to be a blessing.
we made our own fun.
i woke early and unprovoked again sunday, but perhaps a little possessed.
i abruptly woke the whole house just after 7:00 for 9:00 mass thinking it was 8:00 mass.
i finished gratitude with a big cuppa.
the rest of my family went back to bed grateful for another hour of sleep.
we made it to church in time to sneak into the first row of the balcony as planned.
sometimes i like the bird's eye view, and especially when we are dressed to walk while the kids have sunday school.
the snow was melting as we made our way to the lake front where the chilly wind whipped off the lake.
the weather is a bit confused, but the sky was spectacular almost like van gogh's starry night.
mike made us chocolate chip pancakes and we had our first family meeting.
lily was scared and ted was amused.
there was nothing scary or funny about what will be our weekly ritual.
family arrived with wings and wienies and wine a little before game time.
i didn't watch a single play or care one way or another who won.
i was impressed by lady gaga, underwhelmed by the commercials and disgusted by beyonce.
i also was happy because it was a good and full weekend.