Wednesday, January 13, 2016

two day pass

all i wanted to do on friday night was sit beside my tree with a glass of wine in peace.
instead i had a house full of workers and no wine.
i also had a son reluctant to use uber who then needed to be picked up after my bedtime.
then i woke saturday easily and early.
after a quick cup of coffee, i started on the day's long list of organizing and cleaning tasks.
i had intentions to clean and move into my new kitchen.
sadly, we are still shy of that point.
the weather was finally cooperative so ted was able to ski.
i think it made me as happy as it made him.
i am of the opinion that there has been a glut of technology use in our house owing to new games and gadgets over the holidays.
the boys went out for breakfast sunday while the girls went to see a show.
lily and i joined aunt jess and aunt loie for newsies.
it was an energetic production that was most entertaining.
it was certainly deserving of the tony for best score and choreography it earned in 2012.
we then headed home to join a packer party in progress.
my dad brought his better than bw3 wings and my step-mom her meatballs.
we made a pot of italian beef for sandwiches and a couple salads.
we all squeezed in the family room to cheer the green and gold onto victory.
so while saturday was all work, sunday was all play.
and while i didn't get to accomplish all the things i wanted, i did...we did...make measurable progress, and have lots of fun too.

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