Friday, January 8, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Getting back to my Grateful Friday.  I haven't been a very regular blogger lately.  I do miss the time I spend here.

This piece, which I just read and this book soon to be released. It appears that Lucy Kalanithi is a thoughtful, gifted writer just like her late husband.  I will read When Breath Becomes Air when days are longer and sunier because while it sounds beautiful, it also sounds heavy.

The kitchen is 99% complete and I am 100% in love with it.  We are anxious to have our house to ourselves and also to cook in our new kitchen.  We used the stove the other night to boil noodles for mac and cheese. We are not counting that as our inaugural meal.  I also boiled eggs.  Pasta and eggs are the foods that have been the most challenging to make in our basement kitchen.  The home stretch involves hardware and electrical work, cabinet  repair (yes, they are new and already need repair) and touch-up/clean-up.  It has been a long 11 weeks and some new cabinet doors and stools are still a couple weeks out.  I have learned much throughout this process that I will probably write about at some point to get it off my chest and also to help anyone considering a remodel including my future self.  My Dad asked me if I would do it again, and I didn't hesitate to say yes.

My lap cats.  Sit and they will come.

A very chill NYE celebration.  So chill that we almost served dinner on paper plates.  Aunt Jess and Uncle Mark joined Mike, Lily and I for dinner and games.  We ate Caesar salad and twice baked potatoes with our steak and lobster, and we played Fish Bowl and Name That Tune before ringing in the new year with champagne, kisses and a few fireworks.  

An even more relaxed New Years Day in part due to this burger called the Hangover.  I had no business eating a burger topped with bacon and eggs.  I spent much of the day reading in between naps.

A fresh new year.

More games (Wits and Wagers) and good food (chili) at my brother and sil's on Saturday.

The way he's been coming home and picking up the guitar lately.

The way he's worked up the nerve to come out from under Ted's bed even when there are contractors in the house now, yet  he still keeps a safe distance.

Getting back into the groove.  We're back to healthier eating, earlier bedtimes and other routines.  

My guys relaxing after a long week.

It still looks like Christmas around here.

Tickets to see a show this weekend with my aunt and uncle.

A little Packer party on Sunday to celebrate our new kitchen and, hopefully, the continuation of our season.

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