Saturday, January 16, 2016

January Inventory

Reading Ghostbread, the first book of 2016.  Livingston's memoir is humbling and touching.  I found the short vignettes perfect for a stolen moment or two.  It is the kind of book one could motor through in a single sitting, but I wanted to take my time with her thoughtful words.  I'm well into Safekeeping.  It's a YA account of a world gone mad, but instead of being a political rant, it is more a story of strength of spirit and gratitude. I'm going to pass it on to Lily. I started The Omnivore's Dilemma hoping that it would help kick my healthier eating hopes into gear, but this book makes me not want to eat a thing.  I just started Dear Mr. You.  I've heard many positive reviews, and I just know I'll enjoy it because I am queen of unsent letters. I have 5 books waiting for me at the library too.

Wondering when all the outstanding, little things will be taken care of so I can move into my kitchen.  It has been a long 12 weeks folks and I am done.  I'm done with people not showing up, or showing up at strange times and just entering my home.  I'm done with excuses and shoddy work and more than anything I am done with being told, "Well, this happens."  

Noticing the way fog obscures the scenery.  The way it dulls and softens the world.  And also the way it is lighter a little bit later every day.  We are on the other side of darkness even if it is sometimes hard to notice and accept. 

Watching Star Wars.  We enjoyed a family date for pizza and then the movies the other night.  It was a mid-week adventure.  I think The Force Awakens is a good sequel to the Star Wars institution.  I'm not sure I'll watch Making a Murderer. I am a little caught between the irresponsibility of presenting only one side of the story and my interest in true crime drama.   At the end of the lopsided debate, I believe Avery is a bad guy and he's exactly where he belongs.

Listening to my intuition.  Do you do that?  It's not always easy because it seems unevolved.  I want to ration and reason against what I know to be true simply because I feel it.

Eating pizza four ways.  They were half off so we each ordered our perfect pies and then had breakfast and/or lunch the next day(s).  

Drinking lots of tea.  I recently rediscovered my Harney and Sons Cinnamon Sunset and it's perfect for January.  I want to try a cafe misto with coconut milk the next time I'm at Starbucks.

Wanting world peace, an end to poverty and hunger, that every child and animal have a loving home, and cures for diseases like cancer and Alzheimers. That's not asking for too much...right?

Wearing wool sweaters and boots (sometimes Lily's) and scarves (also Lil's at times).  My infinity necklace, a new favorite.  Eyeliner once in awhile.

Hoping Ted has a fun day of skiing, Lil's friend can come over today so I can begin the process of deChristmasing guilt-free, I have time for a workout before the Packer game tonight, that the Packers win, and that there is enough room on our dvr for all the movies we want to record as Showtime is free this weekend.

Thinking how risk invites both creativity and intimacy.

Enjoying cozy family time, and the comfort and warmth of our home.

Loving my new marble kitchen accessories and trips to Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table.  UPS just delivered a box.  It's like Christmas.  It's been a long time since I've had a toaster and a blender. It's a long weekend.  I need an extra day even if I will still be sharing my home with contractors.