Monday, January 4, 2016

On My Mind Monday

"We all believe our stories.  Everyone does.  But where would we be without them?  They embrace the full contradiction of our lives."

~ Natalie Goldberg

I came across this nugget this weekend in Goldberg's essay Another New Year.  I read it once.  Reread it.  It struck me because I've many stories from the past week of revelry and review to share, but I'm stuck without words because of the weight of contradiction they hold: happy/sad, full/empty, satisfied/desiring, laughing/crying.  And the biggest one of the present versus in the past or in the future.

One thing that did become abundantly clear to me over the new year is my word for 2016.  It is grace.  I find the gift of unmerited favor comforting and also necessary to forgive and encourage myself and others (but especially myself) for all the ways I feel like I can and should do and be better.  

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