Tuesday, October 13, 2015

two day pass

the weekend went like this:
feed, shuttle, chauffeur.
feed hungry boys pizza and mac after school.
shuttle them to the craft store to buy supplies for their science model.
chauffeur miss bit to her school's activity night.
wait, waste, work, watch, wait.
she woke early saturday already eager for her birthday party sleepover that night.
she packed, checked the time, made a card, checked the clock, wrapped a gift, watched the clock.
he slept the morning away, then disappeared into some play station world, and finally invited a friend over just before dark.
mike and i patiently washed most of the windows in the house while peanut supervised.
we picked up taco takeout and a movie exhausted after plenty of manual labor and fresh air.
true story was a pretty good story.
we went to bed surprised not to get a goodnight call from lily.
wake, play, sleep, shop, gather.
i was up early sunday morning to make the most of the glorious day.
that was when lily was just going to bed, which explains the missing phone call.
ted almost left for golf dressed like nanook of the north not realizing the indian summer day.
lily came home to bed just about delirious and slept through the sunshine.
grandma came over to spend some time together shopping.
the whole family met on our patio for a sunday bbq on a perfect night.
it was kind of a last hurrah to summer and to our kitchen.
it was likely our last 80 degree day of the year, and the kitchen will be ripped out before the end of the month.
cheers to it all.

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