Friday, October 16, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Teddy had a great run this afternoon. He had a PB.  He's new on this running scene, and it's challenging him in ways that have inspired growth in mind and body.  Spirit too I believe.

Smallwaukee.  It's what we call our town when we are being snide and snarky.  Today I have gratitude for the two degrees of separation because there is comfort in commonality and a bond that comes with shared history.  Teddy's history teacher/meet volunteer shared my high school English muse and also my sociology guru so many years ago.  She too loves running and kids who love running because for her it suggests a certain mental mettle.  I also attended the same high school as Teddy's good friend's mother. She was a year ahead of me and lived next door to my boyfriend with a wandering eye.  She was cute and blond (is cute and blond), and man how I worried about their proximity, but now she is a person I seek out and enjoy.  Ted's friend Zach is the son of one of my brother's oldest friends.  We were all there today and it's all good.

This piece on Peanuts.  It was always much more than a comic strip or holiday special to me.  I'm excited for the movie to come out next month.  I got teary watching the trailer.  Vince Guaraldi has that effect on me as do Chuck and Snoopy.  I came of age is the 'Happiness is a Warm Puppy" age.

Friends.  One friend this week spent time trying to get us the best deals on appliances while another drove well out of her way to pick up boxes for me so I can pack up my kitchen.  Happiness is a helpful friend.

We signed a contract to have our kitchen done.  I took a tone of jest when I said almost a year ago that it would take until Thanksgiving for us to get this sign sealed and delivered.  Then a month ago I amended it to the new year.  I think it's rather fitting that our ETA is Jan. 1st.  That being said, I am so happy that we waited until we found the right fit and were completely comfortable.  We are getting exactly the kitchen we hoped for.  This is our back splash.

Dessert for breakfast.  We didn't need the apple crisp I made for dessert Sunday so I baked it off for the kids' Monday complete with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  

Peanut on Lily's bed or ET in Gertie's closet?

Another stack...another weekend.

October.  31 days of glory.


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