Friday, October 30, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Surviving the crazy week. Our kitchen didn't.  It's completely demolished...down to the studs.  That is a good and exciting thing, and after week one we are even more certain that we made the right choice.  

Mike is almost as good as new.  He was down for the count for 5 days with a nasty infection.  The timing was both blessing and curse.  It made an already chaotic week all the more challenging, but he was also home to greet contractors and cuddle our scardey cats.

Ted is feeling better in time for the weekend.  He was a bit under the weather this week too.

Our basement kitchen/rec room. While it's a bit of an adventure, it's working out really well.  We made quesadillas one night, and pizza breads and salads another.  

A new Keurig.  When I went to make a cup of coffee Thursday morning, my maker was dead.  It was my breaking point.  I cried.  It just seemed like one cruel joke too many.  Mike took Lily to school and came home with a coffee for me.  He had to go in the shop in his jammies.  Now that is love. Then he and Lily headed out after school to surprise me with a new Keurig and I almost cried again.

Lily had her first riding lesson since spring.  She rode a new horse named Cinnamon who was a spunky and spirited girl.  She rode with confidence and command.  She loved being back on the farm. I did too.

Fall colors.  I went for a walk through the park in between rainstorms.  I expected the trees to be skeletons, but so many were still showy.  It was cloudy, but the trails blazed yellow and orange and red.  So did my spirits.

Tickets to see The Lion next week.  I'm looking forward to the one man show, and a night out midweek.

Halloween.  Lily is going to be the Wicked Witch.  Her friend is going as Dorothy, and her dog is going to be the Cowardly Lion.  Should be cute.  

November.  October is my favorite month of the year, but November is a close second.  Here's to 30 days of gratitude.

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