Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two Day Pass

as far as the kids are concerned, weekends are no different than weekdays this time of year.
yet we all know that will be the case for only a short while longer.
as i traveled a prairie lined path friday eve, i noticed that even the hearty vervain is in rapid decline.
i scarcely remember the blooming of bergamot or aster, or so many other nameless wild beauties.
where did june, july and half of august go?
the days of summer delirium are numbered.
i surmise that is what makes them so sought after and sweet.
special too.
even when nothing extraordinary is slated for the day.
i long ago learned that the ordinary moment is precious in its own right.
as long as you are present in the task or activity at hand, the time spent can feel hallowed.
don't laugh but i believe there is something sacred in chopping heady herbs or folding fresh laundry or spotting fireflies flicker as the gloaming gives way to night.
there is also something divine about coming together with loved ones at the end of a full day.
after the boys golfed with my brother and sil saturday afternoon, they joined us for a rather impromptu bbq.
it seemed fitting that my brother made my mom's famous harp burgers on irishfest weekend.
two of her favorites.
when i woke to a cool, grey sunday morning, i fought the urge to stay in bed.
i'm grateful i rose because the mass at irishfest is one of my favorite of the entire year.
there is something so humbly uplifting to be in open air prayer with an amphitheater full of worshippers.
talk about divine and devout.
i choked back tears as we made our way to our seats to the sound of the color guard practicing amazing grace.
i don't stand a chance with that song especially when bagpipes are involved.
tears fell throughout the mass and i let them.
 tears are good and cleansing just like church.
i didn't even notice that the mass was almost two hours long because i never once gave a thought to the time.
part of me didn't want it to end.
oh but the kid's were hungry.
we sampled some corned beef and beef stew, listened to some irish music, watched a little dancing and did some shopping.
when it was time to leave, my heart grew heavy.
it's unsettling the way that i feel so close to my mom when i'm here.
leaving this gathering feels like saying goodbye to her all over again.
so i got a hand stamp...
 even though i knew i wouldn't be back.
well, not until next summer.