Friday, August 15, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

10th birthday celebrations have ceased.  This year we were a tad over the top with birthday revelry, but 10 is a big double digit deal, and Miss Bit is sweet and most deserving.  I know she felt the love!  She is so very special to so many...most of all me!

Jess for her help with the beach party, bringing me an awesome succulent plant after a draining week, and always just being exactly the kind of friend I need!

I couldn't give away our old patio set, but somehow coach managed to sell it!  King of Craig's List he be.

Grill master too!  He served up the most delicious ribs for Sunday night dinner.

This perfect combination of summer veggies and spices I adapted from Pinterest.  Corn and zucchini are quite tasty companions especially when finished off with a squeeze of lime, some herbs and a little fresh grated Parmesan.

Monday nights.  T. Bone and I have a standing date to watch a show that shall remain nameless because his viewing it is not likely to earn me Mother of the Year. So why do I let him watch it?  I let him because he cozies up with me for a couple hours, and I take what I can get.  Also I have no interest in Mother of the Year.

Reading at the end of the day with my girl.  Lily and I started The Giver last night.  She picked it out upon Sam's recommendation when they went shopping yesterday afternoon.  It got our attention right away.  I think we may even finish it in time to see the movie in the theater.

Today he brought her two more books he thinks she'll enjoy.

A manny who takes my girl shopping and shares reading material with her too.

I finally finished Ann Lamott's Imperfect Birds.  I found the narrative flat and the characters unlikable and static.  Rosie was snotty, Elizabeth clueless and enabling, and James was pathetic. The novel was such a waste of time that I cannot explain why I even finished it.  Probably because I kept expecting more development from such a revered writer.  I was disappointed to the point that I'm not sure I'll be reading any Lamott any time soon.

I couldn't be happier to finally be on to 10% Happier.  Third times a charm I'm hoping.

Healing.  T. Bone's toe is healing after losing a nail last weekend despite having hours of football practice every day this week, and my knee is feeling well enough for exercise after a week of feeling my age.

My Mom's and my Grandfather's words of wisdom echoing in my ear and helping me to embrace aging instead of resist it.  I hear her say, "What's the alternative?" I hear him say, "And I should complain?" 

A walk through the park after work this afternoon.  Just me and the Price family women.

Weeping Willow trees.  They are such gentle giants.  Majestic and protective, gentle and proud.  Miss Bit still calls them survivor trees, and I get that.

I taught T. Bone how to make a panini this week.  I love to cook for him, but at almost 14, he needs to expand his culinary repertoire.  Laundry is on next week's list.

Miss Bit is so excited for middle school.  I won't go so far as to say she is excited for school to start, but she is ramped up about the new experience.  I took her school supply shopping this week and she made some tough decisions.  There are just so many choices!  Thankfully, she didn't ask for a locker chandelier!

A new bento box for her.  I plan to get her involved in planning and packing her lunches next year since she is so particular and refuses to eat a sandwich.  I think that this will be the solution offering her the option of a snacky meal with healthy variety.

It is Irishfest this weekend.  We'll go to mass on Sunday at the very least.

Next week I celebrate 45.  The week before my birthday I'm always extra introspective.  I'm skipping the personal inventory this year though.  Instead I'm putting together a list of 45 things I want to do, see, experience, be in my 45th year.  I want to set myself up for inspiration...not deflation.

Realizing that I have a choice!