Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2 day pass

the highlight of this past weekend was a saturday afternoon date to see phantom of the opera.
well, except for t. bone who excitedly asked if it was over at intermission.
what can I say...
the boy wasn't home enough this past week for me to activate his background knowledge.
he was a little confused with regard to all the operas within the play.
still he'll thank us someday.
miss bit was beaming and gave it a 10 out of 10!
i found myself drying my eyes at the end.
we're both breaking into song randomly.
masquerade...masquerade...paper faces on parade...oops sorry.
after the show, the 14 of us met on the patio at the jackson blue ribbon.
it was a festive gathering that lasted into the starry eve.
it was so nice to be together on such a beautiful night.
we sang happy birthday to miss bit before she enjoyed her crème brule.
she was beaming for the second time that day.
lily opened up tickets for the lion king, which will be performed in the fall.
she's since asked me numerous times when exactly ala are we there yet so i'd say she's rather looking forward and i just know it is another show she is going to love.
she also was gifted a fall session of acting lessons, and those had her smiling from ear to ear too.
she was overjoyed at the thoughtfulness and feeling very special.
sunday the boys met uncle b. bone and aunt a. bone for 9 holes (and 2 rain delays).
that is what t. bone would refer to as the highlight of the weekend.
when they returned a little wet and water logged, we grilled some burgers and had family dinner.
miss bit opened another present.
it went like this: horse shoe earrings, horse shoe socks, riding boots and then much to her amazement, riding lessons.
that girl was as bright as the sun...beaming!
and oh so very blessed and lucky.
for a little lady who didn't want any fanfare, she sure is enjoying all the celebration.
and it will continue this week into next weekend.