Wednesday, August 6, 2014

State Fair Fun

I didn't grow up going to the fair, but Lily and I have been going the past few years.  It's become a summer tradition we look forward too and love. Yesterday Grandma, Grandpa, and Teddy joined us.  It was a really great day.  As soon as we walked through the gates, Grandma and Lily got their annual State Fair corn dogs.  Teddy had a taste for his very own order of fried cheese curds, and Grandpa was eagle eyeing for an IPA.  We nibbled and ogled our way through the fair all the way to the midway and still we only saw and sampled a fraction of the tastes and sights, but not fast enough for Lily.  She was all about the rides.  T. Bone was all about the games. So was Grandpa although we did get him on the Alpine Bob.  T. Bone was a good sport...he accompanied his sister on a few rides.  She missed her bff.  Last year we spent 8 hours in the midway and still had to pry them away.  She didn't freak out on the Freak Out, but the Tilt a Whirl about did her and Grandma both in.  Of course it did, it was 3 minutes long!  We missed the Clydesdales and the Percherons, the baby animal barn and the photography exhibit, but they'll all be there next year. Just before calling it a night, Teddy got his fried Oreos, Miss Bit got her ice cream, Grandma got her cream puff, Grandpa got his IPA and I got my sweet corn and pinot noir and we sat in the shade and decided whatever we didn't see, do or eat this year, we'll put on next year's list.