Monday, August 11, 2014

2 day pass

after a very full week -
the kind that has each one of us coming and going in a myriad of directions,
and not always crossing paths -
t. bone had 3 consecutive nights of sleepovers in 3 different homes, and lil was here and there celebrating her big birthday...
we finally came together with a few friends for our resident 10 year olds final celebration -
a day at the lake.
it was perfect for our water worshipper.
luckily her friends love swimming almost as much as she does and mother nature granted us a perfect day.
see for yourself...

*the girls*
-the guys-
lil is the first one in and she finds the water rather refreshing for august!
the rest of the girls get wet and hatch a plan.
the boys think they have the raft all to themselves!
to the raft!
no day at the beach is complete without a little king of the raft.
or rather queens of the raft!
 celebrating victory and maybe gloating just a bit.
protecting the turf or taunting.
 the guys move on to play football and perfect flips and dives.
 frogging and fishing.
a wee little prince.

coach was a good game master.  they all had fun playing simon says, tossing water balloons and competing in a sand castle challenge.
i was in charge of the food and cupcakes.
 miss bit was almost out of wishes as this was her 4th time being serenaded this week.
she managed, but the wind almost won!
it was a really great day.
everyone had loads of fun and no one was ready to go home.
not even after 6+ hours of beach time.
(except maybe the boys who were in serious sleep deficit after the aforementioned string of sleepovers.)
and that is the sign of a good party -
that no one wants it to come to an end.
the end.