Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Interview With The Birthday Girl

Nothing makes me more nostalgic than my children's birthdays, and especially when they are milestone occasions.  Lily is entering into the world of double digits as she welcomes 10 tomorrow, and that is a big exciting deal.  So in honor of this foray into her second decade, I chatted with her a little about the past and also the future: her favorite things thus far and her goals for the next year and beyond.  In the spirit of readability I took the liberty of editing the ummms and hmmms.

What are your best memories of your 9th year?

State Fair (still fresh on the brain from just yesterday), all the shows like Phantom (fresh on the mind from this weekend) except for maybe what was that called?  When they were all thou shant or whilst.  (That would be A Midsummer's Night Dream).  Learning to ski in Colorado was awesome.  All our family vacations.  I love vacations like to the Dells and Door County and Michigan.  And my family.  Spending time together and with my friends.

Why are you excited to turn 10?

It's a new year.  I've been waiting a long time.  I think I'll grow a little in every way like maturity and my body.  I'll meet some new people in middle school too.

What gets you excited about middle school?

A fresh new start in a new school.  More faces to see, things to explore and learn, and freedom.  I'm excited for new classes like choir and advanced math, all new teachers and extra curriculars like ski club.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A vet, but when I'm in high school, I'll be a babysitter for money, but not as my career.

Why a vet?

Because I L-O-V-E animals and I want to help them in every way that I can.  I'll probably adopt a lot of them.

What's your favorite animal?

Can't say!  There are too many.

What are some of your other favorites?  Like foods, places, activities?

Sports like swimming, softball and horseback riding.  My friends Ellie and Mallory and Mary.  Alexis, Christine and Jewell too.  Oh...all my friends.  Mine Craft.  Acting in plays and going to them too.  Playing outside.  Biking.  Frogging.  Hiking.  Going to Lenwood Lake and the Audubon Center.  Green, purple and blue.  My cats.  Also my lizard and my frog.  Chicken tenders and pizza.  Eleanor and Park and the Hunger Games.  Is that enough?

How about a few goals for next year?

I want to read more, and stay focused and work hard in school.  I want to use my study hall wisely and try real hard in advanced math because it's not my favorite subject.  I also want to get better at the back stroke.  Work on pitching for soft ball next year too.  And I want to learn how to run on my horse.  I'd like to be in one play.  I'm going to join ski club.  I want to be a good friend and help people who need it.  I want to have fun cuz' being a kid is fun.