Wednesday, March 22, 2017


friday was st. paddy's day so i put on my mom's o'shit button and shamrock scarf, and went out to celebrate my heritage.
i almost didn't, but i'm so glad i did.
i really needed to reconnect with this friend.
she has been missing from my tribe for too long.
the plan was to catch up for an hour or so.
you know how it goes 3, or maybe 4 hours later and we still had so much to say.
it's a bittersweet day for me so spending it with my oldest friend...the friend who knew and loved my mom since we were both just felt good and right.


i was up early to shag ted off to work saturday morning.
he's such a great kid, but not an early riser.
i know i should just let him oversleep and leave hungry, but there's that part about him being such a stand-up young man...a stand-up young man with a job.
lily went to the movies with a friend.
they saw and loved beauty and the beast.
mike watched the badgers and i watched the boys enjoy their new toys.

 tigger prefers to hang out on the roof.

 so peanut staked his claim inside

they're like kids at christmas

after the badger's upset, mike went out to celebrate with friends.
after work, ted went out with friends so we had a girl's night.
aunt jess came over and while we enjoyed a bottle of vino, lily and her friend made us dinner.

 and they had lots of fun doing so.

 we appreciated their delicious efforts, and so enjoyed the chicken with brussels sprouts in lemon pan sauce.

sunday started with a walk along the lakefront.
it was good to clear my head and lungs.

it's starting to look and feel like spring.

when we came home, mike made us breakfast.

a mostly green omelette. i'm a lucky girl.

 a mostly content tigger leo.

 a very content peanut quincy.

lily and i made a tj maxx run that just brought the biggest smile to her face.
i was in a yes mood and she was so pleased with her purchases.
and grateful...always grateful that girl.
we celebrated with a small shamrock shake for two.
not whole30, but it's an annual tradition.
ted came home from work and we sat down for sunday dinner.
pork chops as big as your head and also juicy...fresh out of a cast iron skillet and cooked with garlic, sage and butter.

peanut approved.

the weekend was approved by all.
it was a nice smash up of time with friends and family, work and play and holiday and team celebrations.

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