Friday, March 17, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The little nod I got from my mom this morning. St. Patrick's Day was her day. Her favorite day of all the year. It's the one day every year that I miss her most. Don't get me wrong...there are many others, but always always this one. I wrapped the shamrock scarf she was wearing when she passed around my neck this morning almost as an afterthought. Then as I idled at the stoplight by my church, I said a prayer as I do every morning when I pass by. The prayer I said this morning was for my mom. And I cannot explain the feeling I had as I made the sign of the cross, but deep in my heart I just knew she was with me. It was like a flash of joy, a brief moment of eternal clarity, or a prayer answered offering much needed peace. I smiled through the tears that were flowing. I smiled because she gave that to me.


I got over myself last night. Well, I got over myself with the help of Rachel Macy Stafford's little manifesto for showing up in life. I've been waiting for a friend to call. Or email. Or text. She hasn't so I haven't. But I love and miss this friend and after a little nugget I read the other day, I realized how utterly silly I'm being for keeping score and not reaching out when I want to. So I did. I texted and asked her to meet me tonight for a green beer. She not only said 'yes' but also that my timing was perfect. Go figure. Universe, you continue to amaze me.

Mother Nature amazes me too. Just last week I was noticing so much bird song in my yard, I saw my first bunny and then a second and they were definitely cavorting, and of course, there's that thing about the days already feeling so luxuriously long. And then we got our biggest snowfall of the season...the kind we've been craving all winter long...on the cusp of spring. The roads were terrible and I took that as a sign to stay home safe and warm and cozy. I hunkered down with my boys and my books and I only felt a tad bit guilty.



their spot

my spot

We're going to Mexico! Have I made that clear? I'm starting to get very excited for our trip. One of the most important things to pack besides a good swimsuit and sunscreen is the proper reading material. I have  All the Ugly and Wonderful Things on Audible, A Long Way HomeThe Rules Do Not Apply and Textbook so this will be the trip of the memoir. And yes I am bringing actual books. I also ordered a pair of sunglasses that are readers so I don't have to do the attractive thing I do where I put my sunglasses on over my cheaters.

prepared with pesos

Last night we had a girl's night. Girls plus Peanut. The guys were out watching basketball with friends so we got a little creative in the kitchen since Thursdays are leftovers night at Casa Wags. We turned the last of the blueberries into muffins made of a combo of all purpose, almond and gluten-free flour as our pantry was scarce. Then I threw together some of this and that into a stir fry, which we decided was a deconstructed egg roll and delicious. She even wanted the leftovers for lunch today. Feeling inspired, she started looking through recipes so she can cook dinner for us over the weekend. I love being in my kitchen cooking with my girl. My girl who is always talking about her palette and willing to try most anything. 

he thinks he's human

muffins are so much better with glaze

plans and lists

The boys came home at about the same time and just in time to catch the second half of the Badger game. They were some very happy fans and maybe a little tired too.

family rooms

This guy is feeling better. He had a bug this week, but he's as good as new.

staying hydrated

Cloudy days.



Random acts of kindness.


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