Wednesday, March 8, 2017


the weekend in pictures.
and a few words.
ted worked many hours.
he wasn't exactly thrilled about spending his weekend bagging groceries.
i was quite happy that he's able to drive himself to and from the job, and then to meet up with friends once he is off.
we hosted an impromptu birthday fiesta for the february girls.
it had the essential elements: patron, chorizo, and a very cute girl in a sombrero.

oh, and a chocolate cake and thoughtful presents.
this is the first time we did carryout and a store-bought cake for a party.
i will do it again because it was zero stress.
and also quite good.

also there were cards.
peanut is saying 'cut me in.'

and some slime.
always slime.

the rest of the weekend we were busy around the house getting ready for spring and spring break.
i cleaned out closets and started packing.
the boys kept a close eye on us.
they don't like when we leave them.

for the record...i don't like to leave them.

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