Sunday, March 12, 2017


the front-end of the weekend was full.
the back-end was empty, yet still full.
it's possible...believe me.
my brother-in-law came over friday for the badger game and it was good to catch up.
i like seeing the brothers bond.
teddy was pretty much on the go all weekend long.
this was my view of him.


he didn't have to work so he made the most of his free time.
he spent most of this time with friends watching basketball, playing basketball, practicing baseball. 
he was up very early to volunteer saturday morning and then he went out for breakfast before going for a hike.
i think he saw the virtue in rising early and having so many hours in the day.
it's possible his actions speak louder than my words.
lily had a friend over saturday while i went on a trip down almost ancient memory lane.
my grandma's been gone for a decade, but my aunt is finally getting close to selling her house.
my dad and his siblings grew up in this house, and i spent much of my childhood there too.
there were lots of memories and hoards of  feelings.
it was a tad overwhelming to try and chose a few meaningful keepsakes.
but then i came home happy with the things i more feel picked me.
it's entirely possible that things exert energy.

roses and angels. her name is rose and she is an angel.

i came home with just enough time to greet our friends in my sombrero with margaritas when they arrived.
we hosted a fiesta...a prelude to our mexican vacation.
i dug out photo albums from a couple of our past adventures.
we had just as much fun reminiscing as anticipating and the kids even indulged us our rememberings of mama, and el fuerte and fat tony.
the teens ate and ran.
places to go and people to see.
so many things possible.
we lingered after the best pork carnitas i've made to date enjoying a little kahlua in our coffee that may have been leftover from our last trip.

and churro cupcakes, which are sort of perfect and heavenly and gone.

it was a perfect night of good food and good friends.
the kind of friends who are more like family.
the kind who have been there all along and aren't going anywhere,
and most importantly...the kind you want to stay.

i was spent come sunday.
there is something lavish about a day in pjs.
restorative and rich.
that was my day today.
this was my view as i binge watched the bulk of the latest season of the affair and cried through last week's episode of this is us.

sweet little snuggler for as much time as possible.

i started crying during the recap of  the previous episode and didn't stop much to lily's amazement.
she and i made clay creatures and then sunday dinner.

 sweet little spring bunnies.

 lily was on the potatoes. we make potatoes as many ways possible at casa wags. in moderation, they are a healthy starch.

i stuffed the chicken breasts with prosciutto and provolone, and dredged them in evoo and herbs.

it's snowing as i write this.
the world looks so peaceful and i just want to hit pause.
right now i'd like a month of sundays.
tell's possible.

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