Tuesday, April 18, 2017


it's been awhile.
i've been at a loss for words.
well, maybe not words, but the ability to string them together into tangible and coherent thoughts.
it doesn't happen often, but when it does...it feels like forever and torture.
i show up here and i tell our simple story.
it's just what i do.
it's in that unstudied ritual that it all makes sense...it's where i make meaning.
so it's no secret that i've felt akimbo, askew and awry without this outlet.
tonight i wanted to bury my head in a book when my time was free and clear, but i forced myself to come here because the truth is...i've missed this space.
our separation is the source of guilt and unease for the historian in me.

another truth is that life has been trying, yet still strikingly beautiful.
there are thing weighing heavily on my mind and heart.
things i don't want to delve into today, but maybe tomorrow.

today i want to tell you that we had a long and lovely holiday weekend celebrating family, the resurrection, spring and even that easter bunny.
yes...still peter cottontail visits casa wags filling baskets with batting gloves and beauty products, golf pants and ukuleles instead of copious amounts of candy and coloring books.
although i didn't notice we skipped the egg hunt for the first time in almost decades until the day after, it only caused my heart to skip a minor beat when i realized the forgotten tradition.
sometimes i cannot stand how quickly my children are growing up, but there are also those rare times that i'm almost ready for the change.

we had cousins in town for the holiday.
out-of town guests always make the festivities more festive.
and especially when they come all the way from brooklyn with a cake mold to carry on the bunny cake tradition.

sabrina and i cooked together all saturday morning.
we have a chemistry in the kitchen.
i appreciated her insight, initiative and her company.
my brother and sister-in-law hosted a delicious bbq on saturday's summersque eve.
it was wonderful to come bearing only a charcuterie plate and a cold bottle of limoncello after all the time spent prepping and to enjoy more cousin time.
it was also wonderful to have so much family together for easter brunch.
it was a gift that the weather cooperated so we could use our patio table for the overflow.
with a party of 20, it would have been standing room only.
the eggs for my eggs benedict were none too cooperative, yet still they were delicious.
they were absolutely perfect when i made them for sabrina the next day.
it was a bit of an ambitious undertaking, but then i'm one stubborn irish girl.

my heart is full after the weekend.
and i'm drinking smoothies, adding extra cardio and more sleep too. 
i also plan to start writing again...here and there.

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