Thursday, April 27, 2017


the weekend was fraught with emotion and filled with to dos.
it wasn't until i was going through my pictures that i noticed so many joy moments.
so it wasn't a wash after all.
it's one of the things i love about capturing bits and parts of every day.
it's evidence.
evidence that helps me to truly see the extraordinary ordinary.
to celebrate the dailiness of life...the moments in between.

after a long day of moving furniture and deep spring cleaning saturday, mike and i had just enough time to step out for dinner before picking lily up from a party.
the highlight of the meal was sala's riff on eggplant parm, which we had as an appetizer, and the after dinner drinks too.
i love a limoncello, and especially in a pretty glass.
while ted had baseball and lily had a date with jess sunday, i spent time at my grandma's helping to prepare for the estate sale coming soon.
my brother stopped by shortlyafter i returned and we enjoyed an impromptu happy hour sunday evening.
i ordered pizza too tired to shop or cook.
no it wasn't a wash.
and it's all about what happens in the moments in between.

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