Friday, April 28, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Today is not the wash-out predicted. The sun is out high in the sky...not a cloud in sight. I love love a rainy day, but Ted left early for a golf invitational and rain is not a golfer's friend. He's playing number 3 on varsity as a sophomore. I'm proud of him and happy for him.

I will get out for a long walk today. 

I have the day off. The movers are coming today so I have to go into work this evening to unpack.  I've worked in this office for 25 years...I'm not taking this move lightly. We're leaving lots of things behind and I'll leave it at that.

Audible. I signed up before our trip to Mexico, and I just finally got through my first book. I thought I'd go through a stack of books, but I was more interested in watching and listening to the waves than reading or listening to words. I think I'll start The Zookeeper's Wife today while I walk.

Yesterday I received Dani Shapiro's latest memoir in the mail. I started it last night. It's short and I can tell already that it's going to be sweet. It's one I will need to savor...take my time with. I also got Anne Lamott's latest work on mercy. Another gem at just the right time.

This recipe. 

In a well-greased baking dish, layer slices of Canadian bacon. Top with slices of Swiss cheese and crack eggs on top. As many eggs as meat and cheese. Drizzle whipping cream in the nooks and crannies about 1/4 cup, and S&P. Bake at 425 degrees for 8 minutes. Then sprinkle with good grated Parmesan and a little smoked paprika and bake 2-4 more minutes. The eggs may appear under-cooked, but they'll continue to cook. Let sit for 1-2 minutes before serving on top of English muffins or a bed of sauteed greens. By the way, we like our eggs runny so if you don't, just cook the heck out of them. Still tasty.

Breakfast burritos.  I made these for Teddy and his uncle one early morning. I wrapped 4 of them up for them to take to the golf course. Ted ate them all. My brother was impressed by his appetite and his game that day.

Tilapia tacos and grill pans.

These two sun worshipers.

The Easter candy is almost gone. This girl has such a sweet tooth, but also amazing willpower.

Grandpa's new car. My mom was always the convertible girl, but I guess it's one thing they had in common. Who knew?!?

Room for two.

An impromptu date night Saturday. It was so nice to go out for a nice dinner with my guy on a beautiful spring night. His ravioli in goat cheese sauce was so delicious and rich. I ate all the scallops in my dish and took home the pasta and the shrimp.

Lily playing her ukulele. The other day, I was out in the yard weeding and I could hear her strumming and singing through the open window.

That Teddy can and does drive his sister to and fro these days. 

Lily's school softball team won their first game this week. She pitched and played short. After the game her comment was, "We're not used to this!" It's true as her fast pitch team was new last year and didn't win a single game.

Ted pitched last week for the varsity spring game and while I wasn't there to see it, I heard he was impressive.

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