Friday, March 27, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

That sometimes she still wants to hold my hand.

An after school stop at the nature center.  We found many heart shaped rocks to add to our special collection, and we mused that we will be swimming in these waters sooner rather than later despite the fact that it doesn't much look or feel that way now.

Fresh air and broody sky.

Calzones and Coach for making them after a long day of work.  They were maybe even better than pizza so I hope that he will oblige us soon again.

The Washington Monument by Ted.

Cuddle buddies.  (Yes, he looks huge here!)

No phone call from the clinic where I had my very long overdue mammogram this week.  They said no news was good news.  Whew!  I was really angry at myself for putting it off for so long.  Never again.

The Badgers made the Elite Eight.  Atta boys!

The huddle.

The conversation reading this sparked with T. Bone yesterday.  He's just firming up his course schedule for his freshman year - his freshman year of high school - but he already has college on the brain.  His top 5 are all Ivy League Institutions.  I applaud his goals and confidence, but this offered a nice little segue into possibilities and potential outside that elite echelon.

Commencement addresses.  There have been so many inspiring speeches delivered over the years, but This is Water is one of my personal favorites for many reasons.

Happy hour on the farm with Jess tonight.  We'll sip wine and eat cheese while Miss Bit canters her heart out and it should be a satisfying end to a full week..