Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2 day pass

after a cold and emotionally fraught week,
all i wanted for the weekend was only what i wanted.
that is to say the things that ground me and the people who lift me:
quiet spaces and kindred spirits.
books, walks, whims, comfort food, coffee and wine.
conversations, connections, chilling out and cozying up.
jess joined us friday evening.
we gathered our best ideas to help lily construct her amusement park for science.
i bribed jess with pizza, wine and a batch of double chocolate cookies hot out of the oven.
almost 11 year old girls tend to dismiss their mothers, but not their aunts.
temperatures made it into the 20s on saturday with the sun high in the sky.
coach and i took a balmy walk along the river and then on the edge of town.
it felt good to restore depleted vitamin d reserves, to explore and to see our town with fresh eyes.
since i was up before the crack of dawn to see t. bone off for skiing saturday, sleeping past sunrise felt like sleeping in sunday.
we started our day at church, and i was thankful for the weekly ritual which always makes me feel lighter and less alone.
ted went to workout with his uncle, mike helped lily finish her project and i worked out and made a tuna casserole for dinner.
that was added to my brother's rendition of my mother's beef stroganoff.
sunday dinner was an homage to the 70s casserole and my mom.
for a weekend that was relatively uneventful, it was, in fact, quite full.