Monday, March 23, 2015

2 day pass

friday on the farm.
it was all so familiar.
admiral remembered lily.
more importantly, she remembered how to ride.
she was comfortable and even commanding in the saddle.
ted had friends over for bagel sandwiches, pizza and the badgers in that order.
growing boys!
saturday around the house.
it was gratifying.
it felt good to get things done before a night out.
a date to celebrate a friend's bar mitzvah.
dancing and chatting the night away.
miss bit even joined the circle for the hug dance.
a more mature musical chairs.
sunday at church with the family and then the theatre with lily.
in the audience to support a friend on stage.
we loved it...her.
home to work side by side in the kitchen.
first with ted for frosting 101 to curb immediate sugar cravings bought on by baseball practice both days.
then with lil to make a batch of mac & cheese for the week because she likes to cook.
last with coach to make dinner: chicken cordon bleu, risotto and asparagus because i was too tired to do it myself.
asparagus that i am happy to report was eaten by all family members with less enthusiasm than i like, but zero complaint.
the boys then gathered to watch the victorious badgers.
lily and i snuggled up to watch the firm circa 1990s.
yes, already 20 years old, and by her definition still "intense."
i was ready for bed before the news, and yet not ready for the weekend to slip away.
there was so much more i wanted to do.
but in truth, i usually feel this way come sunday night.