Sunday, March 8, 2015

2 day pass in pictures

1. the sun feels warmer and shines brighter each day.
2. bunches of daffodils are a sure sign of spring.
3. popcorn skies.
4. soda bread. herby cheese this time. smelled great.  looked good, but was inedible.  time to really forge ahead on a new kitchen.
5. he gets ready for a day of spring skiing.  perhaps the last of the season.
6. i think he was almost as excited for the breakfast bagel i made him as he was to strap on his skis.
7. a little cat and mouse.
8. we get ready for a fun st. patty's day birthday celebration.
9. taking turns at the trough.
10. soon the branches won't be bare.
11. i bought all the shamrocks at the store.
12. the menu.
13. the table.
14. slainte to another year birthday girls!
15. the dark chocolate guiness cake before the bailey's butter cream frosting and the dollop of whiskey whipped cream.  the star of the meal imo.
16. lucky to have these ladies.