Monday, July 21, 2014

two day pass

it was a baseball free weekend.
we almost didn't know what to do with so much unaccounted for time.
not to didn't take us long to figure it out.
we spent many hours outside enjoying two perfect summer days.
some of us swam while others fished, walked or golfed.
we ate out with friends one night, cooked in with friends the next and had family dinner the last.
all screens were turned off for the most part.
instead we played music or games and read.
it was a quintessential summer weekend that I am only sad to say ended all too soon.
1. Denis Sullivan ashore.
2. Heirlooms.
3. Denis Sullivan asea (alake).
4. Bird and boat in break water.
5. Best pizza eva...Casa Wags Caprese!
6. A great place by a great lake.  It is.
7. Dessert for breakfast... brown butter toffee chip cookies.
8. Dinner: Ahi tuna steaks with salsa fresca, grilled baguette with spicy aioli, mixed greens Mediterranean salad with roasted chick peas and red wine vinaigrette, pappardelle with trio of mushrooms in shallot cream sauce.  (Describing the meal was almost as much fun as cooking and eating it!)
9. Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!  Lily takes card creating seriously.