Thursday, July 3, 2014


I'm not going to fall back on that dreaded "B" word to explain my sporadic presence here.  It is true... life has been full, and mostly by choice.  So I have also chosen to give myself the time I need to be present elsewhere, but at times that is not without regret.  Showing up here has become a ritual. Recording our little life on my blog bookends my weeks if not my days.  There is peace in practice for me.  So when I woke up this morning to a still sleeping house, I was drawn here.  Here to my computer, which the sticky keyboard evidences, has gotten plenty of use by someone.

It has been a good week of vacation thus far even though I still have trouble accepting we'll be celebrating July 4th in less than 24 hours. That is partially due to the quite pleasant cooler temperatures and also that phenomenon by which time passes faster as we age.  Pleasantly cooler unless you have plans to spend the day at the beach.  Had plans that is. The weather gurus say that Saturday is the best  beach day in the 5 day forecast and so we adjust.  Saturday it will have to be.

We've been doing our fair share of adjusting around here. I think I'm even getting better at accommodating.  That says a lot for the list loving plan stickler I tend to be.  Going with the flow is not one of my strong suits, but with four weighted schedules there is often no other option.  Ala it's 57 degrees and about to rain as T. Bone is about to golf 18 holes so we buy a jacket at the pro shop.  Or Miss Bit and her friend take me up on the passing suggestion we paint pottery so I turn around and it takes them hours instead of minutes, but I just tell myself everything else can and will wait.  Or we're sitting down to dinner at 8 o'clock after a softball game, and sleeping almost until lunch after a party, and changing dinner reservations because of updated baseball brackets, and improvising a recipe due to missing ingredients.  That's just life....messy and imperfect, and also perfectly messy.  Things don't always go as planned, but sometimes that's the gift in the day. I am learning that unexpected twists often turn into the most beautiful blessings, and that joy moments are often the most mundane: that juncture of time it takes to notice, connect and acknowledge however brief yet bright.