Friday, July 11, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

America's birthday.  We celebrated all weekend long in the customary fashion with family and friends.  We spent time at parades, in pools, on golf courses and at festivals.  We ate grilled foods, fried foods and Carolina bbq! We played tennis, backgammon, wiffle ball and bocce, and my brother succeeded in setting off 238 or more fireworks in honor of our nations 238th!

This country.  I feel blessed to be an American even though I know we have our fair share of issues.  After a week off from work and any and all screens, I caught up on world affairs these past few days and was immensely thankful for our abundant freedoms and opportunities.

Tonight's supermoon.  Just a few minutes ago Miss Bit and I took a trip to the shore to see the moon in all her showy 14% increase.  We parked by the Witch's house.  The moon promptly disappeared behind the clouds.  As soon as we gave up and climbed Beach Drive, she reappeared in all her bright shining glory.  We picked up T. Bone from his friend's and headed back down to the lake front with our cameras at the ready.  The moon promptly resumed her game of hide and seek.   Still I was content even without a photo for the air was crisp, the waves were gently undulating and my kids were a tad mesmerized by that tease, the moon. 

Miss Bit had fun and swam hard during her meet today.  In spite of her nerves, she placed first in the 50 free style and second in the 50 breast stroke, and also swam strong in a couple relays.  Ted and Sam kept me updated at work by text, and they cheered her on from the deck.

She also made the all star team!  Woo hoo!

We finally finished Eleanor and Park.  We loved it just maybe not the very ending although it did get us thinking and talking.  Now we are reading Brave Pilgrims and her Grandpa couldn't be prouder.

I'm still listening to Wally Lamb's We Are Water and I'm already feeling sad at the thought of saying goodbye to these characters.

The Orphan Train which is proving to be a quick and engaging read.
Caprese pizza made with colorful heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil and mozz.

Perfect sleeping weather every.single.night. Amen!
The change in routine around here.  Sure the days can be chaos, but the mornings are lingering and the nights long.  The kids are having such fun at camps and clubs and games and lessons, and also doing absolutely nothing.  Shamelessly, I am living vicariously.
Plums so perfect they defy description, and my step mom and dad for thinking of me at the market.  They are my favorite...the plums and my parents.
CBS Sunday Morning and my friend Candace for turning me on to it.  It is the feel good 60 Minutes that is actually 90 minutes in duration.  I don't always catch it but when I do, I always lament that I don't tune in every Sunday.
Milwaukee especially in the summer.  There is so much to do, see, experience. 
Season 3 of Homeland is now on Amazon.
Old Navy's Perfect Tanks.  They are perfect.  So are Cabi camis - especially for layering.
Words.  This week it's intifada and nadir.
Joan Didion....a contemporary female novelist I most admire for her brutal honesty on and off the page.  This quote has been on my mind this week: Memory fades, memory adjusts, memory conforms to what we think we remember.  I took a trip down memory lane as I did a total overhaul of our rec room.  So many old many memories.
The Great Basement Purge of 2014.  Most of the toys are packed up to be donated or saved and only a few tears were involved on my part.  It was mostly cathartic. It's true: when we get rid of our stuff, we feel unencumbered and free.