Friday, July 25, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The idea that real love means double joy and halved pain.  I read something to that effect earlier in the week and it has stayed with me.

Listening to the Poisonwood Bible.  I've read it twice and loved it, but I am loving the audio version even more.  Third times a charm with this Kingsolver masterpiece.

Lunch and shopping with Miss Bit while T. Bone played golf the other day.  The best part was the conversation.  She asked me what I would wish for if I had 3 wishes and then she interrupted me enthusiastically to answer her own query.  Her first wish was for more wishes so she prattled on, but top on her list were peace on earth, and a clean planet followed by a swimming pool and a horse.

We also enjoyed an afternoon movie date.  We watched Heaven is For Real.  It made quite an impact on her as I knew it would.

Getting steaks Wednesday night just because.  Just because we ate fish all week and we were craving it.

This tuna sandwich.

The boys are riding roller coasters today with friends.  I'm grateful I'm not there.  I once was a coaster daredevil, but now I am a scaredy cat.  I still like to go fast and lose my stomach a little, but I don't like being upside down at all ever.  I also don't like my children riding them.

Miss Bit wanted to go (be still my beating heart) until I proposed that she and Sam have a date at the zoo, and did she know we have a new baby orangutan and the sting rays are visiting?  She took the bait.

It is T. Bone's last baseball tournament of the season this weekend.  Football practice starts very soon.

Miss Bit is getting an extended softball season thanks to the volunteer efforts of several coaches who are committing to field games for the rest of the summer.

Finding the Phantom CD.  My family will see it for the first time in a couple weeks.  It'll be my third time.  I love the music.

Finding her selfies on my phone.

T. Bone occasionally agrees to let me take a picture or two of him, but his expression in the first photo explains how he really feels about it.


She still likes stuffed animals.

A close encounter with a deer this week.  They stood watching each other for minutes.