Friday, July 4, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

A haircut and color.  I was long overdue and am now loving my new length and lightness.

Miss Bit and her BFF went out for lunch and window shopping while I was at the salon.  I told them to cross at the crosswalks and stay out of pubs.  They were so excited to be on their own.

Macaroni and cheese pizza.  So rich and so good.

T. Bone ranked 7th out of 16 in his golf tourney this week.  He shot a 97.  His comment to that was "Imagine if I belonged to a club and could play whenever I wanted?" 


Perfect sleeping weather.  Windows open, sheets crisp and breeze cool.

Homemade pizzas.  Thin crusted pepperoni, onion and black olive with fresh Mozzarella is my perfect pie right now, but to each his or her own.


Arnold Palmers.

Jade plants and orchids.

Parades.  We biked to the parade with our neighbors on this glorious 75 degree day.  Now these three are at the pool.  It's tough to be a kid.


Red White and Blue.

Friends who bring over fresh baked bread for your breakfast just as you pour a cup of coffee.

Painting pottery.  Lily and her friend had such fun prettying up a horse and an elephant, respectively.

Sciortino's rolls, Glorioso's sausage and Whole Food's homemade chips.

This holy trinity: mozzarella, tomato and basil.  Hello summer!

A little belated birthday dinner with Jess last night: Jessmos, kabobs and Coach's special sticky rice.

A family tennis match.  T. Bone and I won, but fun was had by one and all.

Today America turns 238.

Tomorrow we will visit our favorite lake for the day for the first time this summer.