Tuesday, June 18, 2013

two day pass

the two day pass in one word was....da da da da...baseball.
yep, it was a weekend of innings, rankings, sunburns and rain delays.
it's ok though because i kind of very much enjoy watching the tournament team play.
these boys are usually on opposing teams when they meet, but for a few tourneys each year, they all get to play together.
and they play together so well.
except a little less well this weekend.
yesterday they lost their first game, but they weren't crying in their gatorades no sir e.
they were all making plans for the rest of the day : play dates and tee times.
they love the game, but not more than they love life.
these friendships are more important than wins.
my saving grace with the quick loss was saving a little money on refreshments.
miss bit would have spent 2 weeks worth of allowance in 2 days on snow cones.
and grandma and grandpa would have obliged.
so i guess the savings would be grandma and grandpa's.
suddenly we had a free afternoon.
mostly free.
coach napped until he had to ready for tryouts for another team.
i read on the patio.
if you cannot have a lazy sunday morning, i recommend a lazy sunday afternoon.
i had time to finish my book, which was a letdown because i forgot it was the first in a trilogy.
i was ready for some answers and this first book was all setting the scene.
we gathered for a late evening father's day dinner that pleased the kids as much as coach.
mozzarella stuffed meatball grinders and salad with homemade italian vinaigrette were on the menu.
coach liked his gifts.
(tigger liked them too.)
too bad he (tigger) cannot work the weed wacker.
thanks to all the baseball, the weeds are the ones winning.