Sunday, June 30, 2013

2 day pass

friday we had 2 all star games so we had to divide and conquer.
while coach was coaching t. bone's game,
i went to cheer on miss bit.
so did all the grandparents and aunt jess.
you see it was her first time playing on the little league park outside our major league field.
that is sort of big league.
especially when you are 8.
team lightning was rained out.
I do think.

thunder! thunder! rain! rain! come on lightning! win this game!

we weren't going to let a little rain spoil our night.
we decided to gather for dinner at the restaurant on the premises.

i love how seriously she is studying her menu when she knows without a doubt that she will order chicken tenders with ranch and ketchup!

While we waited for our food, grandpa and miss bit went for a stroll around the stadium.
the big story they returned with was how grandpa saved a little bird trapped in the corridor.
my girl thought it was hilarious that the little bird rewarded grandpa's kindness by promptly pooping on him.

miller park

after dinner, we all went exploring.
it was very cool to be alone in the stadium checking out the nooks and crannies.
it ended up being a really fun night in an interesting way.

we came home to find that t. bone was able to finish his game despite numerous rain delays.
and that his team won.
also that he went to sleep at a friend's house.
no surprises there.

saturday morning felt like fall and was welcomed in a lazy way.
quiet solitude until t. bone came home from practice and within 30 seconds had invited over friends.
you don't like being alone do you?  I asked.
duh! was his answer.
all day miss bit called and wondered the whereabouts of her neighborhood bestie.
when she finally reached her she asked with complete exasperation, where have you been all day?!
she was squealing with delight when she discovered they'd be able to spend the rest of the day together.
and they did.
they're still upstairs asleep.

by the time i set out for a walk yesterday, it was a beautiful, breezy 70 sun shining degrees.
i finished the year of magical thinking.
i liked it, but i'm ready for something a little lighter.
today it looks to be another beautiful day for a walk.
i'll start sense and sensibility.
as i recall the dashwood sisters do not disappoint.

coach spent much of the afternoon preparing his baby back ribs.
jess joined us for dinner.
they were mouthwatering.
so good that my meat loving miss bit ate 5!
of course she didn't touch her potato, corn or cole slaw.
which explains how she was able to eat 3 smores!
it was the perfect summer night to gather round the fire toasting marshmallows.

the best smores are made with dark chocolate almond bars or peanut butter cups.

tonight we'll gather with a group of school/baseball friends for what i am sure will be another wonderful night of good food and drink and fun.
summer is good.
life is good.

miss bit just came down and said, guess what time we stayed up until? 1:30!  we watched a movie on my i pad on netflix.
i didn't even know she had netflix.