Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog Break

I've been on a bit of a blog break.  It's not that I meant to stay away from this space it's just that I was too busy driving the white taxi, busing tables and sending and responding to messages with regard to who was in my charge and where my two charges were at any given time.  Tuesday morning was completely sucked up by texts, e mails and phone calls coordinating children's schedules numerous not my own.  There were times that both phones were ringing or buzzing or flashing.  I am serving meals in shifts, making countless pitchers of lemonade, and having serious flashes of deja vu as I drive a strikingly similar route at least a dozen times a day.  So I'm waiting to feel the lazy days of summer I keep hearing about and dreaming of.  What I hear is: Mom can so and so come over?  Mom can I go to go to so and so's house?  Mom can I do such and such with so and so?  Mom!  Mom!  Mom!  I admit that I have fantasized about changing my name.

I'm now lovingly referring to my work as Spa Nicholas and am seriously reconsidering my planned vacation next week. 

I kinda remember waxing all poetic a couple weeks ago about how this is their (kids) summer...their time...their break.  I mused about how their fun and enjoyment trump any and everything else.  Apparently, I need to drink some more of the kool aid I'm constantly mixing because I'm already starting to see the seismic-sized faults in that line of reasoning.

Don't get me wrong.  I am pleased as punch that they are digging summer.  I love seeing them happy.  And they are.  Blissfully so.  Miss Bit has completely muddied her shoes in pursuit of countless frogs and the cutest petite turtle.  She's always playing outside with this friend or that.  She's all about the wonderful variety of popsicles, water fights and baseball just as long as she doesn't have to play first base.  T. Bone is living and breathing baseball.  I'm sure he's dreaming it too.  When he's not at the field, he's at the pool.  They've consumed their weights in ice cream, and scarcely spent a still moment.  Electronics have been severely neglected as have chores and summer reading records.  They've played so much Monopoly they know all the rents by heart.  They are so exhausted by the end of the day that they fall asleep on the couch or are asking to go to bed.

So it's good...all good.  I just have to stop talking the talk and instead walk the walk.  And yes...drink the kool aid too!