Tuesday, June 6, 2017


at the risk of sounding like a complete broken record...
the weekend was a winner and filled with softball/baseball, golf and good times with friends.
saturday we woke to rain, but eventually it went away and just as soon as it did...ted was bound for the course.
lily celebrated a classmate's bar mitzvah in style.
she was stunning.

ted was out with friends so mike and i went to the beer garden with our neighbors.
it was a beautiful night to sit out under the trees and catch up over cocktails.
sunday we were all slow to start.

but eventually the summery day went like this...


yard work, which the cats supervise from windows and doors in between naps.

a trail side walk along the river with my guy where the aroma of wild flowers was a sweet surprise.

family dinner.
 one of my favorites: balsamic glazed chicken, pasta aglio e olio with extra aglio, and a simple caprese salad.
with my favorites.
life is good.
weekends are the very best.

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